Protect Your Data

Legal Logger is the GDPR-compliant solution that safeguards corporate data through automated logs retrieval.

Legal Logger ensures proactive security and transparency, facilitating advanced security management in alignment with current regulations.

Legal Logger

Your Data Guardian

Legal Logger is the definitive system log recording and access monitoring solution for corporate and personal data. Crafted to respect the Accountability Principle of the GDPR, Legal Logger is an established yet constantly evolving product, boasting a multitude of installations and a portfolio of successful case studies

The Context

Intellectual Property

The rights associated with the creative output of individuals and companies must be safeguarded to protect corporate interests and foster innovation.

GDPR and Privacy

The GDPR is the European legislation governing the handling of personal data across all activities, including collection, storage, duplication, etc., within the European Community.

Who Can Use Legal Logger

Legal Logger is suitable for organizations of all types and sizes.


The Issue

Information Theft

Breaches in corporate systems are the primary cause of the loss of know-how and distinctive assets.

Data Reliability

Organizations must be capable of proving the reliability of the data they store in legal proceedings.

Regulatory Compliance

Businesses are required to adhere to laws and regulations in a manner that is demonstrable (Accountability).


The distinctive features of our solution

Logons Analysis

Ensures verification and protection of user activities.

Administrator Logs

Comprehensive aggregation of all system accesses executed by system administrators.

Software Logs

Collection of event logs generated by installed software.

Event Logs

Methodical documentation of event logs.

Log Management

Advanced lifecycle management of all archived logs


Secure preservation of all logged data.

Time Stamping

Time stamping of collected logs to ensure the integrity of recorded information.


Navigation of the stored logs through a web dashboard with customizable filters for tailored analysis.

GDPR Compliance

Assistance during the Privacy Audit stage and adherence to the GDPR’s accountability principle.

The Automated Process


Acquires logs and events
Using software agents
or via Syslog.​


Archives and categorizes
The data on a database


Compresses, crypt and
Sign the XML extraction
of daily activities.


Provides a dashboard
To view the data e
receive notifications.

In summary

Legal Logger guarantees companies of all kinds and sizes by providing:


Defense against the theft of intellectual property (data loss prevention) and counterfeiting of data.


Privacy implemented by Design to comply with the most restrictive rules (GDPR Compliant).


The only solution on the market that uses CA certificates and blockchain mechanism.